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Massage Therapy

Session Times

Half Session              30 minutes
Full Session               60 minutes
Deluxe Session         90 minutes


Mr. and Ms. Day Spa’s session times are the amount of hands on time you will receive during your service. We allow additional dress and undress time as we know it’s important to not only feel relaxed during the service, but relaxed before and after too!  


Services are provided by your independent contractor therapist. To insure the best service possible please communicate with your therapists concerning your expectations at all times.


Just for You Massage

Our signature massage service is the most popular choice because it is customized to your specific needs. Various pressures and techniques will be applied to achieve optimal results.  You and your therapist decide which areas of the body need the most focus in this full body massage that combines therapy with relaxation.

Full Session $75                       Deluxe Session $105


Deep Tissue Massage

Enhanced stress in our lives requires a deeper, slower technique that penetrates below the superficial muscle layers. This full body massage service will help release accumulated stress, toxins and tension while alleviating your muscle pain.

Full Session $80           Deluxe Session $110


Swedish Massage

In this full body massage, light pressure is combined with long, rhythmic strokes to improve your circulation and relax your mind and body.

Full Session $65           Deluxe Session $90


Back, Neck, and Shoulders Massage

We have designed this massage to focus on those areas that commonly hold most of our muscle tension and stress. A variety of techniques are applied including deep tissue and acupressure to ease your aches away.
Half Session $45           Full Session $85


Pregnancy Massage

You’re expecting! This is an exciting time to relax and enjoy the many benefits of massage. Regular massage during your pregnancy can help relieve the stress and strains your body is experiencing as it changes. Your therapist will give extra care to the placement of your body to ensure you are comfortable.

Full Session $80


Reflexology Massage

The soles of our feet are the mirrors of our body’s organs. Proper techniques being applied brings relief to your whole body and assists in restoring a healthy balance of mind and body.
Half Session $50          



Add To Your Massage

The following can be added to any one hour or more massage service to enhance your experience.


Body Polish

$35 (extends service 30 minutes)
Aromatherapy salts or sugar of your choice are polished over the body to exfoliate and detoxify leaving your skin smooth and glowing. A delightful and invigorating experience! Choice of scents include: Lavender, Vanilla, Peppermint, Tangerine, Cranberry, and Desert Blossom. This service includes shower time where you will be supplied with a robe, sandals, towels, body soap and shampoo/conditioner. Note: It is not recommended to shave the same day as receiving this service.


Body Brushing

$20 (extends service 15 minutes)
Prior to your massage, naturally soft bristles will be used to exfoliate your skin, bring blood and oxygen to the surface, and boost your immune system.



$25 (extends service 15 minutes)
The soles of our feet are the mirrors of our body’s organs. Proper techniques being applied brings relief to your whole body and assists in restoring a healthy balance of mind and body.


Head and Feet

$20 (extends service 15 minutes)
Want more time spent on your head and feet? Equal time will be spent on each area. Client favorite!


Hot Stones

Relieve stress and loosen tense areas as warm, smooth stones glide over your body.


Signature Hydrating Foot Wrap

Coconut is applied and then your feet are wrapped in hot towels for this relaxing treatment.


Scented Massage Oil

Boost both your mind and body by adding scented oil to your service. Several scents available.

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