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Our industry is about making personal connections and knowing a little bit about us is a great step in making that connection stronger.



Mr. and Ms. Day Spa is a family run and operated business that was established in 1996. As our name indicates our goal was and still is today to provide a place where both men and women of all ages could come to a cozy, clean and inviting place to get the services they need. We are proud to be able to offer the services we provide to our loyal clients who we sincerely appreciate!



It’s important to us to help others understand that our business is not one of “luxury” but necessity. We believe that the services that our clients receive are instrumental in their wellness and are necessary to help them look and feel great. With stress being the major culprit for illness it’s very important to take time for yourself and relax and unwind. We have always kept our prices very reasonable for the industry in an effort to help as many people as possible get the services they need and deserve.



We know that you have choices in where you can go to receive the types of services we offer, but we think one of the main reasons clients like to come to us is because we try our best to attract and keep great professionals that will want to contract with the spa for years and years.  Each therapist or healthcare provider is in business for themselves, but have aligned with Mr. and Ms. Day Spa to support their business venture.


Why no membership?

We don’t believe you need to be locked into a membership to receive affordable services all month long. Our prices are reasonable at ALL times for EVERYBODY. We do reward our clients for being able to come in more than once a calendar month by offering $15.00 off “Spa Dollars” for each $75 or more service they receive after their first visit of the month. This way it’s up to you which months work for frequent visits and which months don’t without the hassle of a membership.


If you are new to our spa, WELCOME and if you are one of our loyal followers, THANK YOU.


We hope to see your real soon!




Mr. and Ms. Day Spa

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